Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy's perspective

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the great gifts we received at Ashley's first 2 baby showers. With that much baby stuff, and still 2 baby showers to go, I think we'll have to give Payton the master bedroom with the larger closet! There are only a few moment's in life where you loose your breath, your heart pounds out of your chest, and you are overwhelmed with happiness. So far in this whole process I've already had plenty of those moments. The most amazing one had to be at the 16 week OB appt. when I heard my little angel's heartbeat for the first time. She was so tiny, yet had such a strong, healthy heartbeat. I didn't think there would be any more moments that could live up to that one. Then came the 20 week ultrasound. Seeing my little girl for the first time was unlike anything I have experienced in my life. There's this beautiful little baby who I have never met, and I'm already thinking to myself, wow I love her. She is perfect. Nothing can live up to this moment, right? Then came the first time I felt my little girl kick. Our little girl started kicking early and often, and boy can she kick! She already has Daddy's wrapped around her little finger, when I talk to her through Ashley's tummy she goes into a kicking frenzy. Must be just like her mother already ;). And what an amazing mother that is. Ashley has been nothing but incredible for this whole pregnancy, just when you think you can't possibly love anyone, anymore something like this happens. Well, that's some perspective of a soon to be Daddy. Thanks again to everyone for being part of this whole process with us.


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