Monday, June 29, 2009

34 weeks and counting...

Well last Thursday we had a scare at my OB appt. Here I was worried the baby already dropped because I was having some new pressure & pain and a slew of other symptoms -and she tells me that all those were normal (I wanted to slap her for some reason lol- All these things are normal?! Why dont you tell me ahead of time what to expect so I dont freak out for 2 weeks before I can get in for another appt!?)

Then we listened to the heartbeat and it was 136, which was perfect and sounded stronger than it ever has. Here was the scary part- when the Dr. went to take the Fundal Height, the baby was measuring only 30 weeks. So she scheduled us an ultrasound right away. All the while, Brandon was stuck at work that day so I was by myself. I call Brandon at work and tell him the baby is measuring small & I need an ultrasound right away. Then I get Brandon all shaken up so he called in reinforcements at work so he could leave and try to make it to my ultrasound. On his way from WI to Duluth, his car breaks down! So he didnt get to make it for the ultrasound- I was on my own! (And poor Brandon was stranded in the boonies and freaking out!)

So the creepy Ultrasound guy calls me back and starts measuring away all the little weird looking shapes that apparently are an arm or a leg...He tells me her head is measuring 34 weeks (a week a head of schedule), and her various other parts were measuring 31, 32, or 33 weeks. He says she is 4 lbs and 6oz. and is measuring normal. He says that if I deliver her on her due date she will be 8lbs and 6oz! So I have to deliver an 8 lb baby with a giant head lol?! At least she will be smart? I also made him double check that she is in fact a girl, and he says that he is 90% sure it's a girl lol... lets not even go there with the possibility of the other 10%!

Needless to say, our Dr. is horrible & measured wrong, and got all of us freaking out for no time I see her she will probably say that it's normal.....

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  1. You look beautiful!! I'm sorry your Dr. is horrible :( I can't wait to meet your spazy little girl :)