Monday, October 26, 2009

Payton at 2.5 months old

I cant beleive I have not blogged about our little one for over a month, she has grown so much since then. Just when you think she can't get any cuter- she does. My heart beams with joy just thinking about her. But the thing that has been really getting me lately is when I am holding her in my arms and I am feeding her a bottle, sometime she will stop eating a second and look up at me and smile and coo. Oh man she is cute! Here are some typical Payton things going on lately:

*She is grabbing/grasping things in her little hands- she loves grabbing onto her rattle or Mr. Frog and giving them a good shake (and giving herself the occasional rattle to the eye/face)
*Her favorite toy is Mr. Frog- he's a little stuffed frog with a rattle inside and he has crinkley wings, all you have to do is put Mr. Frog in front of P and she will automatically smile :)
*Mommy and Payton invented "The Paci Game" this is where P will suck on her paci and spit it out and I say "Uh-oh, you dropped it!" and she will laugh and smile, then mommy will suck on her paci and do the same she laughs everytime. It is so fun to see her interacting more and more and thinking things are funny!
*Peanut had her 2 month shots, she handled them like a trooper, only cried a little bit right after the shots, was sore and a little fussy for a couple days after...but it all went way better than I thought it would. Her 2 month check up went awesome too, she is in the 16% percentile for her head circumfrence, but her weight and length were right around the 50th precent.
*She is talking like crazy saying Ah-goo, ah-gee, ah-gaa, da-goo, hiiii, and a bunch of other silly combinations.
*She is laughing like crazy too! It is my favorite to hear her laugh and squeel!
*She is sitting up- if you hold her around her low back she hold her head up so straight, and loves to sit up like that.
*She is a hungry baby, the other day she downed 7 onces in one hour! She is a growing girl!
*She is loving her baby bjorn, but she is able to face outwards now so she can look around which is one of her favorite things to be able to do.
*As she loves looking around...she discovered the TV (uh oh) So if mommy and daddy are watching a movie she will watch it for bits and peices too- AND will laugh at it too!
*She is immitating! She will watch mommy or daddy click their tongue and she trys soooo hard to do it, but every once in a while she will do a tiny little click, it is so cute!

Lovin our little girl! Can't beleive she will be 3 months old pretty soon!