Wednesday, April 14, 2010

8 months old

It has been quite a while (as usual) since my last blog post so I figured I better step my game up and fill you anxiously awaiting 3 blog readers in on the latest Erickson Family shenanigans.

Our little one is already 8mo, she is CRAWLING...allllll over the place, she is like a little crawling cheetah and she can not be stopped lol. When she first started crawling she would stay on the rug in the living room with her toys for the most part, but now she has discovered, the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, entryway...time for some baby gates!!!

She has pulled herself up from crawling position to standing while holding onto the couch, I have a feeling walking is in the near future!!

She is a talking machine, she is so funny because she trys sooooo hard to talk. She closely watches mommy & daddy as they talk, and then she will attempt to copy us. She says Dada, and Baba, and we are working on Mama now.

She is sleeping through the night, she goes to bed at about 10pm and has been sleeping in until about 9:30am. She usually only takes one or two hour or so naps during the day, and I think with all the crawling she is totally pooped out by the end of the day so she sleeps like a champ.

She has started eating some Gerber Puffs now so that has been fun for her to be able to pick food up and feed herself, she thinks she is so cool :) She is still a messy eater and we still battle over spoons, but I know it will only get worse when she discovers how to throw her food, so I won't complain too much!

Her favorite game is to play Hide and Seek right now. The funny part is when she trys to hide herself behind a skinny little toy, or her little hands that are up on her forehead and she thinks we cant see her- she will giggle and giggle and then she will take her hands down and we say "there she is!" and she loooves it and thinks she is pretty funny!

She is getting a lot of hair! I always get a ton of comments by random people while we are out and about- "She has a ton of hair!" Thankfully she will not take after her mamma in that dept lol!

She has a 9 mo. check up at the end of May and we will see how much she weighs, she is nearing 20 lbs, almost too big for her car seat so we have been shopping around for some big convertible car seats for her.

And with her 12 mo. B-day in only 4 m0, we get to start planning a 1 year Birthday Party! FUN!

Much Love,