Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our 10 mo old

Payton turned 10 mo. old yesterday, we're getting to double digits!! She has grown up so much and each day she looks older and older, and prettier and prettier (as if we ever thought that was possible). She has such a funny personality and loves playing games, reading books, watching Barney, and being silly. She is loving the summer and loves to be outside, listens to the birds, and eats grass :) Looking forward to spending the rest of the summer as a stay at home mom with her until I find a Hygiene job! Here are some of her 10 mo. milestones:

*Stands up by herself
*Stands up while holding onto something (this is what occupies a majority of her day lol)
*Scales the couch, wall, table etc...
*loves playing the busted game (this is where we catch her doing something "naughty" and yell BUSTED and quick run to grab her and she starts cracking up and jumps around in excitement)
*Jumps a ton when you hold her by the arms
*Practices walking while we hold her
*Eating soft table foods (and loving every minute of it lol)
*She is playing more independently
*Sleeping through the night still (thank goodness)
*Reaches out for mom or dad
*She LOVES watching Barney, it is her favorite thing ever!

That is all I can think of, I am sure there is much more. She is so loved I tell ya. Can't wait to see what the next couple of months hold, I'm sure we will have a walking baby soon!!

~Mamma Ash