Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is my due date...

Bummer... Looks like I'll be going over my due date. My doc said she will induce at 1.5 weeks overdue...So on the bright side, sometime by mid next week our baby girl will finnnnnaalllly be here! I hope she decides to come on her own because being induced is NOT what I had hoped for as there is a much higher rate of C-section. I don't have time to recover from a C-section, I have to go back to school in full throttle in 3 weeks! Recovery time from a C-section is 6! So I will keep on praying that our baby girl decides to grace us with her presence before we have to resort to any of that!

I have an OB appt. this Thursday (if she doesn't come before that) and at that time they will do a Non-stress Test and ultrasound to see how baby is doing in there. Sometimes babies don't "thrive" in utero when they are past due, and if thats the case then they will induce sooner rather than next week.

We've been trying to do some "self-inducing" which are mostly old wives tales of how to bring on labor. We've been doing lots of long walks, I get contractions during the walk, but they go away when we get home. I think I am finally at the stage where I may try the castor oil technique, not recomended by most, but I would rather go through the bad side effects in hopes of it working & not going through induction at the hospital! So off I go to Walgreens...desperate times call for desperate measures lol!! :)


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  1. A friend of mine would go to movies and then the labor would begin. Almost like she was so relaxed and not thinking about the babies and then they would join us! Good luck!