Friday, September 4, 2009

3 weeks old and growing fast!!

Payton is 3.5 weeks old today and I can't beleive how big she is getting! It is so true what everyone says that they grow up fast... Everyday that goes by our love for her and bond with her grows and grows. She has such a happy personality and loves to laugh and smile. Last night she was up quite a bit (she thrives at 3am) and she was ssooooo happy with a huuuge smile on her face and was bright eyed looking around. Even though it was 3am and I was dead tired, I didn't care because she was being so darn cute! Grandma and Grandpa Boutain were up babysitting all week while I started my first week back to college. It was so hard to leave my baby girl, I welled up with tears everyday walking out the door, I hope it gets easier because I get such mom guilt. Even leaving her to take a shower I get mom guilt lol...

Some things about Payton this week:

*She attended her first Fantasy Football draft with mommy and daddy this year (will be many more to come!)
*She has been smiling and laughing more and more
*More and more eye contact
*She loves her Bumpa's (Grandpa Greg's) singing- she fusses when he stops singing to her
*She likes taking naps on mommys chest
*She can hold her head up for several seconds at a time
*She started scooting! We laid her down on her tummy on the couch and she pushed with her legs and scooted about a foot!
*She is up to drinking about 3oz at a time- I think she has gained quite a bit of weight since her last appt. She is getting really cute chubby cheeks!
*She loves her feet and head rubbed
*She loves bicycle kicks- sometimes it is the only thing that will get her to quit crying
*She likes being held by Uncle Derek (she smiled 3 times when he was holding her- Uncle Derek is so proud...)

Next week Payton gets to stay home with Daddy while I go to school- it will be an interesting adventure! I am sensing some double trouble coming on!

~Momma and PowPow

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